Completed Papers

Sibling Differences in Educational Polygenic Scores: How do Parents React?”, with Anastasia Terskaya. Earlier version available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 8635. Conditionally accepted at The Review of Economics and Statistics.

Does College Selectivity Reduce Obesity? A Partial Identification Approach”, with Giorgio Brunello, Dimitris Christelis, and Anastasia Terskaya. IZA Discussion Paper No. 15612


Work in Progress

“Gender Asymmetries in Peer Effects at the Workplace”, with Julián Messina and Anastasia Terskaya. In progress.

“Returns to Formal Sector Experience. Is it About You or Where You Worked?”, with Julián Messina and Santiago Reyes. In progress.

“The Causal Effect of Facemask-wearing on Symptomatic Infection from COVID-19: Observational Data Evidence from 26 European Countries and Israel”, with Dimitris Christelis and Loretti I. Dobrescu. In progress.